JavaScript First Steps

Companion site & code exercises for the Frontend Masters course “JavaScript First Steps”


Launch your JavaScript journey with this friendly, practical introduction from Anjana Vakil

This course will lead you through your first steps with the JavaScript programming language, equip you with the key concepts & skills you need to become a productive JS programmer, and give you a solid foundation for your onward journey into advanced JS, functional programming, frontend frameworks, and beyond.


Course description

In this course, we’ll start from square one to take our first steps into the wide world of JavaScript, and we’ll walk away with the core skills we need to become productive JavaScript programmers. Through a series of hands-on projects, we’ll learn how to write our own JS code to manipulate and add interactivity to our websites, in cooperation with our friends HTML & CSS. We’ll wrap our heads around the building blocks of JS programs, including data types, objects, arrays, and functions, and how to work with them using core language features like operators, variables, loops, and branching logic. We’ll even encounter modern JS features & syntax such as arrow functions, destructuring, promises and async/await. After this course we’ll be ready to dive deeper into topics like advanced JS, functional programming, frontend frameworks like React, or backend programming with Node.


If any or all of those are true, this is the perfect course for you!


Course outline