Building Interactive Maps with Mapbox

Workshop @ Concatenate Lagos 2019

Anjana Vakil, Software Engineer @ Mapbox


Location data is all around us, and has become an increasingly important component of web & mobile apps users love. In this hands-on workshop, we’ll learn how to build an interactive, custom web map using open data and free, open-source tools from Mapbox. Through a hands-on project, we will cover basic web mapping concepts and tools, including:


By completing this workshop you’ll learn how to:


No prior experience with geographic data or web mapping is required; basic familiarity with HTML & JS will be assumed but everyone is welcome.

What you’ll need



Part 1: Data

Part 2: Style

Part 3: Display

Part 4: Interactivity

Part 5: Creativity

After this workshop

[Optional] Publish your maps on Github Pages

If you forked the workshop repo on Github, you can use Github Pages to publish your maps right now!

Share what you #builtwithmapbox

We’d love to see whatever you build! Share on Twitter with the #builtwithmapbox hashtag so that we can amplify your work!

Learn more about maps

We’ve only scratched the surface of what maps & Mapbox tools can do!

For more information & ideas, check out:

Stay in touch

Keep up with @Mapbox and @AnjanaVakil on Twitter, and contact Mapbox if you need any help with our tools.

Thank you

This workshop would not have been possible without: